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Rules & Info for quick reference

Additional Information


Saturday, September 21st 2019

Legacy Events Center Building #2

151 S 1100 W, Farmington, UT 84025


Show hall will open for set up at 8am. Show will begin by 9am. 

Please come early enough to set yourself up and have the first class in each division loaded on tables by 9:10am. Lunch will be roughly around 1pm. We have the show hall until 6pm to give us plenty of time to judge classes and clean up before close. 


OF Mini Breyer/Plastic, OF Breyer/Plastic, OF Stone, Artist Resin, 

Custom Mini, Custom, Fun Classes (Lunch)

Show Holder

Denise Doyle

661-202-8708 or

Show Secretary & Hostess

Jacen Tooley


Our Judges *UPDATED 8/19/19

OF Mini plastic: TBD

OF Breyer: Denise Doyle

OF Stone: NaConi Mead

Artist Resin: Jacen Tooley

Custom Mini: Donna Anderson

Custom: Alison Cawley


This show has been NAN Qualified, this means that any equid or eligible fantasy animals that wins first or second place in any open class will qualify for NAN finals, please see for the most current info on the upcoming finals.

Sugarfoot Live 2019 will be a ‘halter classes only’ show.

*** Sorry, but Youth, OF Mini Stone, OF Porcelain/China/Cold Cast & Collectability divisions will not be held this year, we hope to have enough turnout to support the additions of these divisions in 2020! Please combine your OF Stone minis with all other Minis.

1. Please bring your printed & signed release form with you to the show if you did not mail it with your entry. You will not be able to show without a release form. We will have a limited number available at the door.

2. Class limits: 3 models per class with the option to enter 1 additional horse per classfor $1 each(Those with Limited Entry(10 or less) are disqualified from additional horses). Please place the dollar next to the horse, it will be collected by the judge. One breed/class per horse, meaning no cross-entering within divisions, excluding fun classes.  

3. All halter classes will be judged for breed correctness and workmanship(CM/AR). Classes may be split per judge’s discretion. Judges decisions are FINAL.

4. No arguing with show holders, other showers, helpers or judges, their decisions are final. We reserve the right to ask unruly entrants who are disturbing the peace to leave at any time without refund. We also ask you to help maintain easy walkways and avoid creating trip hazards. 

5. Please refrain from talking to the judges while they are judging. They will be happy to explain their placings after they are finished judging.

6. No running in the show hall

7. No animals/pets in the show hall, approved service dogs only. 

8. Please leave young children with caretakers. If they must accompany you then please ensure good behavior. Any children running around the show hall, being disruptive or disrespecting other people’s property will result in them & their guardians being asked to leave without a refund. We ask this for the safety of them and the protection of the models balancing on top of tables.

9.  Proxy showing is allowed for a $5 fee per horse. 

10.  Do not write on the show ring tables. If you need to fill out a tag, NAN card, or placing card, please do so at your table. Clip boards will be available for Division Champs & Reserves to write their info on.

11.  Due to the large amount of classes, we will be making every attempt to move through classes quickly, so we ask you to keep the talking volume low, so class calls can be easily heard by everyone. We ask you to remove your horses promptly after each class to speed the flow. Forgotten models on tables will be picked up and end up in the ‘Pony Pound’. You may need to provide proof of ownership to get them back. PLEASE keep track of ALL your tables.

12. 3x5 index cards will be used to identify each one of your models. They are to be identified on the top facing, blank non-ruled side with Class Number, Breed, and Gender. The back side of each card should have your horses name, and Your name clearly written. Place the 3x5 card in front of your model on the table. Neon, Pastel or other colored index cards will not be judged. If horses name and your name side of index card is showing facing up, the horse will not be judged. No exclusions

13. Documentation, mini-books, photos ect, shall not exceed 8 ½ x 11” in front of the model for space reasons. 


Classes will place 1st & 2ndwith silk flat ribbons, 3rd-5th with paper flat ribbons

Division Champion and Reserve Champ will receive beautiful rosettes

Overall Champion Rosettes. Custom and Artist Resin Divisions will receive a beautiful hand-made traditional sized neck sash for 1st-3rd places!

- Artist Resin 1st and 2nd place will be called back for Champ & Reserve Champ

- Custom 1st and 2nd place will be called back for Champ & Reserve Champ

-Custom Mini 1st and 2nd place will be called back for Champ & Reserve Champ

-Artist Resin, Custom & Custom Mini overall Champions and Reserve Champions will be combined for an Overall Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion Best in Show

-OF Breyer/Plastic 1st and 2nd will be called back for each breed division Champ & Reserve Champ

-OF Stone 1st and 2nd will be called back for each breed division Champ & Reserve Champ

-OF Breyer/Plastic division Champions only(no Reserves please) will be called back for an Overall Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion

-OF Stone division Champions only(no Reserves please) will be called back for an Overall Grand Champion & Overall Reserve Grand Champion

-OF Stone & OF Breyer Overall Grand Champions and Reserve Grand Champion will be called back for a Popular Vote Best in Show for a special prize.

Overall Grand of each division will be called back for best of show. Best of show will be chosen by the show entrants. Each entrant will receive a penny to be placed in a cup in front of the model they wish to vote for.

Other Information

Showers will receive a full 6-foot table and two chairs, if you would like to split one, please note on your entry form. Table tops may not be protected.

Table seating is first-come first served, and will not be assigned at this time.

Entrants that paid full entry(Proxy is not eligible)will receive a goody bag with surprises, (2) raffle tickets, 1 for door prizes, and 1 for the Benefit model(if we can get one) Additional raffle tickets will be $1ea. Money will go to supporting this and future show expenses.

We will have our raffle just after lunch, donations would be graciously accepted! Please bring them on the day of the show early when the show hall opens up or they can be mailed to the show secretary.

There will be finger foods, coffee and water, but lunch will not be provided at this time. If you plan to participate in lunch time fun classes, please plan ahead, possibly pack a lunch, or have a helper available for a lunch run. There are a few places near by the events center.

If a horse is found to be showing in the wrong division its owner may be asked to move it to the correct division. 

Please be polite to the judges and fellow showers. Ask permission before handling someone else’s model and be gentle. If you damage someone else’s horse(s) you will be responsible. 

Multiple classes will be running at once. Please pay attention to avoid missing any of your classes. Models will not be accepted after a judge’s final call, and classes will not be held for tardy entries.

Selling and trading is allowed at your own table. We cannot be responsible for any stolen or damaged models, please keep an eye on your table. We have a zero tolerance for thievery, anyone caught stealing will be banned from any shows held by our show team, and will be asked to leave without refund.

It took a lot of hours, personal funding and planning by our show team to put this show together. We are working hard to make this a fun, affordable and easy flowing show, with every intent to make this a yearly, or even possibly bi-yearly event! Thank you for supporting the future of this show series!

Showing &Judging Criteria

New and inexperienced showers may find this information useful and the experienced will find it a helpful for answering most questions.

Where does this horse go? Rare or unusual breeds and crosses can be hard to find the right class for. 

Download the NAN Breed Cross Reference list from  

Breed documentation is encouraged for rare breeds and unusual colors, coat patterns & crosses. Feel free to also identify any special variation to mold or original finish you feel would be of importance, in a corner of your 3x5 index card. COA’s and other identifying paperwork are not required, as no collectability cards will be offered for this particular show.  Please keep documentation and pocket horse breed books to no more than one 8.5” x 11” sheet size space.

Horses that tend to lean or are tipsy are suggested to be laid down with padding that is not excessive to the models outline. Judges may wish to see the other side and pick up your model. If you wish not to have your model handled, please make a note next to your model. Please place these models in the center of the table if you can. (Ex- Hanoverian, Weather Girl, SB Pacer, Huck)

OF Plastic Halter judging criteria:

Horses will be judged first upon the representation of the Breed, in regards to the breeds build type, and acceptable colors. Conformation is an important factor, but there will also be due credit given for breed-correct vintage models who have managed to maintain their condition, even though they may not possess the conformation & detail of more modern sculptures. Models will be judged for finishing details (Eyes, Masking, Shading, Seams, Straight legs, ect) and most importantly, Condition. Rubs, scratches, visible restoration work, poor factory flaws, staining, badly yellowed and seam splitting will not be considered.

We ask that models be clean, with no dust, hair or water spots.

Horses supported by bases or any other stands are not required to have the factory original. Only the model is being judged, display and present your model in the way best to present its qualities.

Minis are considered Stablemate/Little-Bits/Winners Choice/Mini Whinnies/Pebbles/Curio sizes and smaller. All other scales should show in the regular classes.

Breed-appropriate Halters and leads are acceptable, but may be requested by a judge to be quickly removed to assess the head, especially in a Callback. No handlers or other props on/with OF plastics please.

A mirror and flashlight may be used to see the back-side & under-side of your model when considering for a placement in a tough class.

Please identify your model with a white ID string leg tag. DO NOT place your leg tag showing YOUR name up. Blank, horses name, gender & breed is fine on the up facing side. It is not mandatory, but highly suggested! Leg tags are best placed on the hind off-show side of your model